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International Language School of Columbus understands the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for our international students. We only place students with warm, caring and loving host families. The host family supports the students' personal growth and social development as well as the opportunity to learn about American culture and to improve their English language skills. Every host family has to pass a criminal background check. The home should be located within reasonable distance from our partner school in order to provide easy transportation for the student.


The host family treats their student as a family member – involving them in activities, excursions and household chores.  A monthly stipend is paid to the host family to offset expenses related to hosting the student.

Students are provided with the following:

- Bedroom with study area and access to WiFi

- Three balanced meals a day for their students

- Transportation to school for middle and high school students

- Assistance with shopping, doctor visits, emergency care, etc.


International Language School of Columbus is here to support both the host family and the student, and to act as a mediator should a situation arise. We are available to assist students and host families in the adjustment process and throughout the course of the student’s stay in America. They are available 24/7 for emergency assistance. We meet our students regularly to ensure they are progressing well academically and socially. We, host families and school personnel provide an important support system to ensure student's success.