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Adult Chinese class aims to foster the students’ ability in communication in Chinese. "Zhong Wen" textbooks will be used, those textbook series published by Jinan University and widely used by overseas Chinese schools.  Beginner level, Intermediate Level and Advanced level will be provided.  There is a topic about daily life in each lesson, in which the most frequently used and basic conversations are introduced in real Chinese language context. In class the students are expected to practice with the teacher and the whole class to master fundamental vocabulary, and sentence structures. At the same time, Pinyin, tones, and pronunciation is going to be emphasized throughout the class. Also, the structure of the Chinese characters and their writing, and the Chinese culture will also be included in the class. The teacher will explain the sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar in class; after class the students are expected to utilize the words, phrases, and sentences they acquired in class by making up stories or dialogues.

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